Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Egypt is most likely the world's oldest civilization having appeared from the Nile Valley around 3,100 BC, in the past. Egypt is perhaps one of the oldest vacation spots. Early Greeks, Romans and others went there just for fun, and to see the wonders of some of mankind's earliest victories. But Egypt is much more than Pyramids and monuments. 

It is also hot night spots, Red Sea scuba diving, luxury hotels, and five star restaurants. It is romantic cruises down the Nile on festive river boats, a night at the grand opera and it is an enriching experience like none you have ever experienced. Egypt is a land full of life with sound, excitement, visual beauty and sound. More than everything else, we want you to think of Egypt as fun.

Tuesday, 5 March 2013


Puerto Limón, commonly known as Limón is the capital city and main hub of Limón province, as well as of the canton of Limón in Costa Rica. It has a population of about 60,000, and is home to a thriving Afro-Caribbean community. Part of the community traces its roots to Jamaican laborers who worked on a late nineteenth-century railroad project that connected San José to Puerto Limón. Other parts of the population trace their roots to the Nicaraguan, Panamanian, and Colombian turtle-hunters who eventually settled along the Province of Limón's coast.

Until 1948, the Costa Rican government did not recognize Afro-Caribbean people as citizens and restricted their movement outside Limón province. As a result of this "travel ban", this Afro-Caribbean population became firmly established in the region, which influenced the decision to not move even after it was legally permitted. The Afro-Caribbean community speaks Spanish and Limonese Creole, a creole of English. Puerto Limón contains two port terminals, Limón and Moín, which permit the shipment of Costa Rican exports as well as the anchoring of cruise ships. Health care is provided for the city by Hospital Dr. Tony Facio Castro. Two small islands, Uvita Island and Isla de Pájaros, are just offshore.